Cassandra Zoë Paganel

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Cassandra Zoë Paganel
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Sable, a winged bear rampant reguardant wings displayed, in chief a compass star argent

Duchess Cassandra Zoë Paganel

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught

Classes taught at the Royal University of the Midrealm, Collegium Caidis, Pennsic, and Great Western War

  • Understanding Fabric For Costumes
  • Pattern Drafting Through Draping
  • Period Textiles & Fabric Burn Testing
  • 16th C Venetian clothing for both men and women
  • The writings and illustrations of Cesare Vecellio and how they fit in Venetian culture
  • Corset making
  • Ornamentation and finishing for late period garments
  • 16th C Elizabethan clothing
  • Clothing evolution from Roman to Elizabethan


Sven III and Cassandra's stepping up

Coronation.jpg Coronation 2.jpg

Sven II and Kolfinna II stepping down outfits

Germans.jpg Germans 2.jpg

Sven II and Kolfinna II stepping down and Edward II and Mora II stepping up

Double coronation 2.jpg Double coronation back.jpg

Edward and Mora stepping up outfits

Cassandra -Ed and Mora Stepping Up.JPG Cassandra -Ed and Mora stepping up (2).JPG

Edward and Mora stepping down outfits

Cassandra - Ed and Mora.jpg Cassandra -Ed and Mora Head Shot.jpg

Kilian's Henry VIII

Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII 1.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - 2.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - 3.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - 4.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - 5.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - beading detail.jpg Cassandra-Kilians Henry VIII - detail.jpg

John and Flavia stepping up outfits

Cassandra - John and Flavia Full length looking at each other.jpg Cassandra - John and Flavia full length back.jpg Cassandra -Flavia Head shot-comp.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's burgundy silk viking and Venetian

Orange sleeves.jpg Orange sleeves 2.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's blue and gold silk viking and Venetian with embroidered sleeves

Blue and gold silk.jpg Blue and gold silk 2.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's grey wool Venetian with cut-work sleeves

Red sleeves 2.jpg Red sleeves.jpg

Cassandra's Red and Gold Silk Damask Venetian

Red and gold silk.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's purple and red viking and Venetian with pearled sleeves

Purple and red sven.jpg Purple and red 2.jpg Purple and red 3.jpg

Trielle's Silk Velvet Venetian

Brandie 1.jpg Brandie 2.jpg Brandie 3.jpg

Cassandra's Red Venetian

Cassandra - Red Venetian 8.jpg Cassandra - Red Venetian 6.jpg

Cassandra's Black and Gold Venetian

Cassandra - Me - Black and Gold Venetian.jpg Black with gold silk.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's purple and orange Venetian

Purple and orange.jpg

Sven III and Cassandra's blue and green viking and Venetian

Blue and green sven.jpg Blue and green 2.jpg

Cassandra's Red and Gold Elizabethan

Cassandra-Red and Gold Elizabethan.jpg Cassandra-Red and Gold Elizabethan bottons.jpg Cassandra-Red and Gold Elizabethan detail.jpg Cassandra - Masked.JPG

Cassandra's Black and Blue Elizabethan and Reymund's Black Cotehardie

Cassandra-black and blue Elizabethan.jpg Cassandra-Reymund black cotehardie and black and blue Elizabethan.jpg

Reymund's Blue Silk Cotehardie

Reymund 1.jpg Reymund 2.jpg

Cassandra's Brown and Gold Elizabethan

Cassandra-Brown and Gold Elizabethan.jpg