Ketill rauðskeggr

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Ketill rauðskeggr making cord on a lucet at the 2015 St. Artemas Anniversary. (Photo by THL Tara the Twin of Dartford.)
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Ketill raudskeggrDevice.gif
Device: Azure, three dragons Or and on a chief argent a heart purpure. KetillBadge.JPG Badge: Argent, a pair of compasses and a bordure azure.

The Honourable Lord Ketill rauðskeggr is a Companion of the Order of the Crescent.

He is a 10th century Viking, late of the Varangian Guard. For a while he was captured by a band of pirates, but eventually escaped and returned to his beloved northern lands.


  • Voting (red border) member of the Drafn Warband

Officer Positions

  • Barony of Calafia
    • Chronicler, 11/10/2012-11/08/2014
  • Canton of Tanwayour
    • Deputy Seneschal, 6/18/2011-6/9/2012
    • Seneschal, 6/9/2012-10/18/2014
    • Web Chronicler, 10/18/2014-present
    • Webwright, 2009-present

Other Positions

Kingdom of CAID

Event Staff

Classes Taught


Beginning with the September 2016 issue of The Crown Prints Ketill published a monthly Haiku. The Haiku were variously themed, sometimes serious, other times humourous.

September 2016 - Carrying the day. | Triumphant in the eric. | The Dream is alive.

October 2016 - Should it be this hot | Fighting the Mother Kingdom? | October Surprise!

November 2016 - Founding Barony | Calafian tradition | Don’t leave the meeting!

December 2016 - ‘Tis the season | for holiday celebrations! | (Who spiked the eggnog?)

January 2017 - A new reign begins | with Agrippa and Bridget | on the throne again.

February 2017 - Punxsutawney Phil: | The mythical weather "man." | (Still cold either way.)

March 2017 - A tough crowd to please. | (Ev'rybody's a critic.) | Beware the fifteenth!

April 2017 - A hard lesson learned: | Don't taunt the Easter Bunny! | (These Milk Duds taste odd.)

May 2017 - On the first of May | Nineteen hundred sixty six | The Dream was begun.