Siobhan Iarconnachtach inghean úi Chúlacháin

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Siobhan Iarconnachtach inghean úi Chúlacháin(R) with Estrild Gildenher at Leif Ericson Tourney 2007.
Resides: Tanwayour in Calafia
Status: Deceased
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Siobhan Iarconnachtach inghean úi Chúlacháin was a member of the Order of the Golden Trident of Calafia.

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Coronation Nov 09 and scrolls 104.JPG Dolphin Domhnall mac Pharlain


Siobhan lost her battle with cancer and departed for the Summerlands late on 2/17/10.


  • Leave your memories.

From Catherine Hunter

Siobhan was such a lovely lady. We drove together to the stepping down of Dirk and Chamayn on their last court. She and I had so much fun just chatting and stuff on the way up there. She will be greatly missed as she was very active in Calafia. Rest in peace.

From Tanikawa no Reishi

Sioban was a very kind and giving lady. We spent several afternoons wandering around San Diego just having fun. I remember dragging her along a series of bus rides to get to Mitsuwa and these other random Japanese stores in that area. I gave her her first taste of Ramune, melon flavored. She loved it, "it's a bit like ice cream soda," she said. We had some mini ice-creams and wandered into Book Off. We watched a lot of movies together. And the shyest cat she had decided I'd make a good friend and would walk up to me and let me pet her. She was a fluffy Siamese cat. Sioban was astounded. Quite randomly, Sioban thought I needed more garb and she gave me this lovely blue dress with mauve and white trim. She kept trying to give me garb, "I've got this old kimono somewhere..." and I kept refusing; I didn't have anything as equally wonderful to give her in return. Before I went back to the East for a while, I'd painted for her a Four Elements plate. I can only hope that she spends some time as one of her favorite creatures, a Dragon Fly, for a while, before she comes back to us.

From Rekon of Saaremaa

Siobhan graciously invited me and my teenaged son to stay with her when we went to our first Comic-Con. She had never met us and had no other reason to let us in than that we were members of the Society who needed a place to sleep. She was kind, her home was beautiful, and she had a gentle love for the world about her that was charming. I am sorry for her going, but glad to have met her, and I will always hold her memory dear.