Valeria Cabrielli

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Valeria Cabrielli, receiving her Dolphin at Gyldenholt Unbelted 2016.
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
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Per bend gules and Or, two roses counterchanged argent and gules


Robbed at a tender age of that which is most valuable to a woman of virtue, and being further wronged by a father who drank away much her dowry, Valeria found herself unable to marry a man appropriate to her family's station. Her mother had died young, and her step mother was formal and distant. (Perhaps because she was constantly squeezing her father for each penny the household needed to survive.) At seventeen, she eloped secretly with a young soldier, Niccolo. Their love was true and sweet, but woefully short. He went aboard a ship to help the Venetians defend Cypress, and died in the fray. Valeria was a widow not yet twenty, but with the benefit of his commission money.

Having some funds now to secure herself, but uninterested in marrying again for love of her Niccolo, she left her family's home attempting to find some way to make a place for herself. Her brother, an educated man, who frequently attended the humanist salons of the era to discuss the new philosophy, had taught her to read. And so, armed with, if not a great world of knowledge, more ability than most women of her age and birth, she went to court. There the women were gossiping to one side, while the men played at the chess and gambled boldly at card games. Valeria, with the kind of confidence born of a desperate gamble, sat down in an empty chair at the men's card game, and placed an ante, to much shock and whispering among the ladies. And also to the smiling amusement of one senior cortigiana. So it was that Valeria received a mentor and began to learn a trade that would judge her for a different set of virtues.


Scribal Arts: Illuminator and aspiring calligrapher.

Fencing: 32" spadroon. Home practice: Gyldenholt.

Bardic arts: vocal and mandolin. Instrument: Magdalena is a post period bowl-back mandolin made in 1865.


Student of Diego Antonio de Palma

Consort to Julien de la Fontaine and Beorn of the Northern Sea

Household: Carampane di Cabrielli within The Sable Hart

Classes Taught

Class Materials Class Title Category Event
File:ColorHandout.pdf Paint Mixing: Good Color Practice Category: Scribal Arts Event: Collegium Caidis 2016
File:LayoutClass.pdf Adapting Historical References into Scrolls Category: Scribal Arts Event: Collegium Caidis 2016
File:WatercolorClass.pdf Botanical Watercolor Category: Scribal Arts Event: Scribal Playday 2016

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Project Role Reason Event
WhiteScarfRollofArms.jpeg White Scarf Roll of Arms Illuminator Closing of the Order of the White Scarf. Spring Coronation 2015 A.S. L.
Talon-Crescent-Treaty-2015.gif Talon Crescent Treaty Illuminator Formation of the Talon Crescent War. Talon Crescent War, Saturday Court A.S. XLIX.
GyldenholtBanner.jpg Heraldic Banner for Barony of Gyldenholt Painter Gift to the populace by Giles and Giuseppe Gyldenholt Unbelted. A.S. L


Image Preview Award Recipient Reference
Coronation summer 2016 54 correct.jpg Argent Blade Lorenzo di Vita Breviarium Strigoniense. 1523-1524 20v [1]
Coronation summer 2016 54b.jpg Detail of Argent Blade Lorenzo di Vita
RJH 2018 small.jpg Master of Defense Colwyn Stagghorn The Hours of Elizabeth the Queen. 1415-1897 [2]
ColwynStagghornMoDDetail.jpg Detail of Defense: Arms Colwyn Stagghorn
RJH 2024 small.jpg Detail of Defense: The Household of Saint Valentine Badge Colwyn Stagghorn
Mallory1Small.jpg Master of Defense Michael Mallory Armorial plates from the Order of the Golden Fleece. 16th century. [3]
DetailofMalloryMoD.jpg Detail of Defense: Arms Michael Mallory
John James Duelist2.JPG Duellist John James MacCrimmon
‎ Detail of Duellist: Duellist Badge John James MacCrimmon
RussianScrollSmall.jpg Duellist Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson & Sviatoslava Akilina Vasil'evskaia zhena Nikolaeva Gospel Lectionary, Ornamented headpiece and initial letter "E," with the Resurrection of Christ, and the St. John the Baptist Preaching (John 1:6-9), Walters Manuscript W.535, fol. 9r. 1583-C. 1625[4]
LaurelScrollforMasterLotRamirez.jpeg Laurel Lot Ramirez Hours of Isabella d'Este. c 1490. [}
PortraitofLotRamirez.jpg Detail of Laurel: Portrait of Lot Ramirez Lot Ramirez
LotRamirezLuxCaidis.jpg Lux Caidis Lot Ramirez
LuxCaidisLuxRamirexDetail.jpg Detail of Lux Caidis: Arms Lot Ramirez
WS SCROLL.png White Scarf Caitríona_Ghabhalfhada

Ongoing/In Progress

Project Recipient
Argent Blade Rhydderch Derwen
White Scarf Mora Ottavia Spadera
White Scarf Angus le Todde Mac Donnell
White Scarf Diego Antonio de Palma
White Scarf Lot Ramirez
Master of Defense Lot Ramirez
Lux Caidis Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
Lux Caidis Beorn of the Northern Seas
Lux Caidis Avenel Kellough
Laurel Beorn of the Northern Seas
Apprenticing Contract Richenda Elizabeth Coffin