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White Scarves of Caid at Coronation 2015

The White Scarf is awarded for outstanding ability in SCA-style rapier combat in accordance with the Treaty of the White Scarf. The White Scarves are the top end fighters and leaders of the Rapier community.


Read the Charter for the Order of the White Scarf of Caid


The Order maintains a Secretary for administration purposes. Questions and Recommendations can be sent to:


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White Scarves of Caid (WSC)

Imported White Scarves

White Scarf Teaching Dossiers

The White Scarves of Caid have commissioned questionnaires of their teaching expertise to be included in their Compendium pages. We hope this data will help fencers find teachers who match their needs, learning style, and temperaments. The following White Scarves have teaching notes on their pages:


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